The future of Ponce Inlet is on the ballot.
Joe V. stands for you, not special interests.

David Israel has accepted campaign money from a commercial developer
with a major project currently in progress.

Dear Ponce Inlet Residents,

Overcrowding and congestion are major concerns in Volusia County. Ponce Inlet is not immune to the demographic and population stress that the entire region is experiencing.

Commercial developers have a vision for Ponce Inlet that is very different from most of our residents. More profit for them means more congestion, greater demand for our services and an erosion of our small town lifestyle.

Why is David Israel accepting campaign money from a commercial developer?

Why is he cloaking it behind the name of an LLC? Click here to see the public record.

The theme of our campaign is “Right Man, Right Time.” Here is why:

The next Council will write the final chapter in the development of Ponce Inlet. Many of the last remaining parcels will soon be developed and we will reach what may be called “full build-out.” The commercial developers and land owners have a comprehensive set of rights which are contained within our codes and ordinances and go with the land that they purchased. Their rights must be respected and protected by our Council.

At the same time, the majority of our residents would like to maintain the peaceful “small town” charm and character that factored into their decision to live here. Balancing these interests will require a very detailed knowledge of our Land Use and Development Codes or “LUDC.” The challenge is to protect the rights of the developers and property owners while recognizing the desire of the community to maintain our small “fishing village” heritage.

More than ever before, we need Councilmembers with a detailed working knowledge of our LUDC. Interpreting it too strictly can infringe on the rights of property owners. Relaxing it too much will cause major changes that most residents will not be happy with. Now add in the fact that the most expensive and painful litigation that we ever had to endure involved land use (the Pacetta litigation). We really need to be careful about who we elect to Council.

For over 11 years, I have served as the Chairman of the Code Enforcement Board, one of only two quasi-judicial volunteer boards in Ponce Inlet. What does quasi-judicial mean? It means we hear cases and render decisions that effect the lives and rights of our residents. Similar to the role of a judge, it is my job to know, to understand, to interpret and to apply our LUDC and our ordinances.

My vision for Ponce Inlet is one of resiliency. Our town is just (on average) 9 feet above sea level. I am concerned with the type of event that impacted Port St. Joe Florida during Hurricane Michael. I often use Port St. Joe as an example due to its relatively similar size, population and vulnerable coastal location. Their town was devastated. We must prepare now. We should encourage new construction that is of resilient design. Existing homes and structures should be fortified and made ready for a major storm surge event.

The Town has a significant role to play in this process. From pursuing funding and grant applications, to holding property owner seminars, to forming community action teams, there is a great deal we can and should do. The time to prepare is now, not when a Category 5 storm is off the coast and moving in.

My opponent has not only shown little to no interest in these topics.

But there is more:

David Israel also accepted money from “G-Force Construction 5548 S. Ridgewood Ave.” This entity is associated with an individual who is currently involved in litigation against Ponce Inlet that has already cost our taxpayers more than one hundred thousand dollars.

David Israel is supposed to be representing the best interests of our residents.  Why is he accepting contributions from these entities?  Why the need to mask the associated individuals?  Both of these matters may eventually come before Council.   We need somebody who will be impartial and put the residents first.

My record of service and dedication to Ponce Inlet, my community, and my church is long, illustrious and free of controversy.

I have served as the Chairman of the Ponce Inlet Code Enforcement Board for over 11 years. I served on the Ponce Inlet Charter Review Commission as well as the Volusia County TPO. I have never and will never accept money from a developer or a party currently involved in a lawsuit against Ponce Inlet.

My vision is for a resilient Ponce Inlet which is ready for the demographic trends that we are currently experiencing. The last of our building lots will soon be developed. Property owners as well as developers have vested rights which must be respected. But they may need to work with the Town when their plans do not fit into our existing codes and ordinances. When that happens, we need Councilmembers that understand how to apply the LUDC (Land Use and Development Code).

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