Meet Joseph “Joe V” Villanella,
Chairman, Ponce Inlet Code Enforcement Board

My personal story:

Married to my beloved wife Diana, we are the parents of one daughter and one son. I am a ‘Car-Guy’ having owned 300+ cars in my life—-my family used to say my pacifier as an infant was the steering wheel!!!! We have been blessed with four grandchildren, 3 of whom are currently in college, and one who is a pre-school instructor at a private daycare facility. I attended college in New York and studied/ majored in Business Administration, with Business Law and Psychology.

My professional career:

I enjoyed a wonderful and successful, multi-faceted career with a very well-known International Office Products Corporation. During my long tenure with that company, I had responsibility in various positions to manage up to $37,000,000 budgets, as well as managing upwards of 300+/- people in various facets of our business. I had responsibility for interviewing and hiring employees, developing corporate financial transaction practices, negotiations, and the oversight of legal contractual business transactions.

I also had a personal interest in wealth building in real estate, so I became a licensed Realtor agent in New Jersey for 27 years, primarily in residential property transactions. This is where I learned about residential building processes, methods, materials, sourcing, financing and partnerships.

Our move to Florida:

After having places in Daytona and Port Orange, we decided to purchase in Ponce Inlet. So, in late 1991, we sold a property we had in Port Orange since 1986. This was one of the best decisions we made in our lives!

Our current residence in Sea-Gull Landing was purchased in late 1998 to satisfy a need for a garage and someone to care for the grounds whenever we were out-of-town. This worked very well for us then and still does today.

Transforming Seagull Landing:

In 2006, I was persuaded by several owners to run for a seat on our HOA Board of Directors. At our first meeting I was selected to be President of the Sea Gull Landing Home Owners Association, a position I held for 13 years. I am still involved with the HOA and provide advice as requested, in the role of President Emeritus.

Along with other members of the Board, I transitioned our complex from a rather drab, dated looking complex into the beautiful complex it is today, by providing open 2-way dialogue between the owners and the Board. We were successful in encouraging owners to volunteer their expertise in helping us address some of the on-going requirements to keep our expenses in check. We encouraged our Owners to partake in monthly social events, which facilitated building long-term friendships, and created a ‘Pride-in-Community’ complex.

Joining Code Enforcement:

Out of a desire to become more involved with the future of our community, I joined the Code Enforcement Board sometime in 2010. I was voted to Chair the Board upon the retirement of the previous Chair about 10 years ago, and continue in that position today.

Representing our residents outside Ponce Inlet:

I was appointed to represent Ponce Inlet on the River To Sea Transportation Planning Organization in 2015, and have continued on the CAC role. I was also appointed to represent Ponce Inlet on the TPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Committee. I served on that committee for 3 years.

I am active in my church:

I have been very active and involved with Epiphany Catholic Church in Port Orange. I volunteer and serve on several ministries in our Parish. I have chaired several Ministries. Working with other volunteers and salaried employees, along with the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, we were able to implement positive changes. We increased our funding to the Outreach Ministries we serve. I remain active in our daily, Sunday, and special services in various ministries within Epiphany.

My passion for Ponce Inlet:

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about keeping our Ponce Inlet culture intact, and maintaining our paradise as pristine as possible. We are fortunate to live in this hamlet town, with a great climate, surrounded by pristine waters, and residents who share our common goals of peaceful tranquility and personal safety in living the good life!

My ongoing commitment to you and all of the residents of Ponce Inlet is to continue the vision of our piece of Paradise by living the Vision statement that has guided us in all matters that come before the elected officials here in Ponce Inlet.

Our seaside hamlet will be confronting some challenges in the coming years regarding Development, Resilience, Growth, Traffic, and other ancillary matters. These issues will require a sound background in dealing with unanticipated issues, including management skills, knowledge of topics, deductive reasoning, along with requiring a depth of knowledge of the history of the town. We must always be passionate in understanding the need to be certain we make the best decisions for all of us, using sound business decision-making skills, exercising good judgment, cost effective and  critical analysis of options, with a comprehension of the potential unintended consequences of irrational, or poorly informed decisions. These skills and strengths are what I bring to the Town Council Seat 4. 

I welcome input on matters of concern to our residents, and enjoy learning the ideas and viewpoints that are shared during these types of discussions. Working together, we should always envision what the possibilities may be!

May I respectfully ask for your consideration and your vote for me to be elected to occupy Seat 4 on the Ponce inlet Town Council on August 23, 2022!

Thank you for your time and consideration and please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Joseph Villanella

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