Congratulations to Councilmember Elect Joseph Villanella.
Thank you for all the well wishes and support.


Joe V. serves as the Chairman of the Ponce Inlet Code Enforcement Board, a position he has held for the last 11 years.  He also served on the Ponce Inlet Charter Review Committee.  His in depth knowledge of our land use codes, ordinances and regulations make him the “Right Man at the Right Time” as the last of our building lots are developed.  Read Joe’s detailed platform on 21 key issues.


Code Enforcement is one of only two “quasi-judicial” volunteer boards in Ponce Inlet.  Joe V. holds hearings and adjudicates cases involving Ponce Inlet residents, businesses and property owners.  Always looking to lend a hand and resolve problems, Joe has a positive reputation going back over a decade.  Joe’s pragmatic, team focused approach gets the job done for our residents.

Joe Stands up For You

Did you know that David Israel has accepted money from a commercial developer who has a project underway that will transform the area around the lighthouse?  It appears on his campaign finance report, hidden behind the name of an LLC.  Click to read it.  Joe V. stands up for you, not for-profit special interests.  A vote for Joe V. is a vote for preserving the tranquility we cherish.

Community Minded

Joe V has been active in his community since 2007.  Joe is the President Emeritus of the Seagull Landing Homeowners Association, having contributed to the beautification of this lovely sub-division.


Did you know that David Israel is the only Councilmember with no interlocal, county or state responsibilities or assignments?  We can’t even count on him to show up at official meetings.  Joe V. takes the work seriously.

Non Confrontational

Joe V takes a pragmatic and positive approach to solving problems.  He always works extremely well with others.  David Israel called his fellow Councilmembers a “Kangaroo Court” on the public record.

Respects Town Charter

The time has come to put an end to David Israel’s continuing spree of charter violations.  He will never stop until our residents vote him out of office.  Joe V. will never violate your trust.

A Platform and A Vision

On June 21st, 2022, Joe V. released his detailed platform on 21 key issues that he has been asked about in the community.  Click here to learn more about it.

A Record of Achievement You Can See

Drive through the magnificent Seagull Landing subdivision.  Joe V. was instrumental in the beautification of that community.

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